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We get your goods to take off – and let you breathe again

For that reason we are present at the three principal airports in Switzerland (Zurich, Basle, Geneva), and, through our membership with the FIG (Freight International Group), at most of the airports in the world.

Our range of services all over the world:

  • Consolidated cargo transports

  • Direct services

  • Back-to-Back consol services

  • Refrigerated transports

  • Ad Valorem transports

  • Charter transports

  • Door-to-door including customs clearance at destination

  • Hazardous materials transports

  • Relocation goods transports (Full Service)

  • Customs clearance at the airport of origin and/or destination

  • Express courier services

  • Cross trade transports

  • Sea/Air transports

  • Transport insurance

  • Packaging

Contact us


ITS International Transport & Shipping Ltd.

Christoph Merian Ring 29
CH-4153 Reinach

How to find us

T +41 61 577 27 27
F +41 61 577 27 37
E-Mail its@its-transport.ch

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