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Whether Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Lyon, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan, Valencia, London or other metropolitan areas – we connect you today with the economic areas in Europe within 24 to 48 hours.

Together with our partners we additionally offer you daily acceptance of partial load as well as full load transports to every corner of Europe and to the Middle East. Hundreds of vehicles drive directly to your customers, cooled and uncooled. We also satisfy short notice changes and individual requests quickly and flexibly.

Our range of services in Europe comprises:

  • Consolidated cargo transports

  • Partial load transports

  • Full load transports in Europe and the Middle East

  • Special transports (heavy and oversize cargo)

  • Refrigerated transports (full load, partial load and piece goods)

  • Hazardous materials transports

  • Relocation goods transports (Full Service)

  • Cross-trade transports

  • Customs clearance in the country of origin and/or destination

  • Transport insurance

  • Packaging

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ITS International Transport & Shipping Ltd.

Christoph Merian Ring 29
CH-4153 Reinach

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T +41 61 577 27 27
F +41 61 577 27 37
E-Mail its@its-transport.ch

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