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Transformer 195t - Transport from Factory in Germany onto Foundation (including installation), to Power Station in South Africa. Expect the whole story soon...

Borghese Memorial Rally from Beijing to Paris

«Welcome to the Adventure» was the motto of the first automobile tour de force’s 100 year memorial. In 1907 Prince Borghese covered the distance between Beijing to Paris in an Itala within 60 days. In 2007 the ITS management was there when 40 valuable vintage cars and escort vehicles were loaded, secured and shipped to the starting place of this outstanding automobile event.

Combined journey from California to Basle

In Three Rivers, a small town at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, a Chevrolet Fleetwood was waiting for his trip to Basle. The car was picked up in a closed vehicle and went on to the New York harbour, where the vintage Chevy was securely loaded into a container. The combined land and sea transport concluded safely in Basle, including customs clearance.

For expeditions following the call of the wild

Adventurers, at home on the most remote gravel roads of the world, as well as campers who seek the great experience in stunning natural parks, profit from our know-how. Off-road vehicles of all kinds need to be professionally loaded, cleared, transported and unloaded, preferably by experts on site. Whether to the top of the world, or just about anywhere else, when you follow the call of the wild ­– ITS takes you there.

Just like the pioneers: Railroad in Madagascar

More than 20 kilometres of tracks with a total weight of more than 660 tons, 2700 steel sleepers weighing over 120 tons, and more than 250 tons of spare and small parts for trains and waggons as well as for the setting of the tracks – the sheer numbers are impressive, particularly, since Madagascar does not lie just around corner. In addition, we shipped 24 waggons, since tracks are not of much use if nothing rolls on them. We let it roll on the occasion of this special major project.

Helicopters can do more than just fly – thanks to ITS

The two helicopters models AB204B and GST 58-3 where forwarded in a combined land and sea transport similar to the one with the Chevrolet Fleetwood out of California. The helicopters’ journey was a little shorter, although it also went from one continent to the end of another – from the Ticino to South Africa. We took care of the planning and the project management, including loading and securement.

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