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EURO 2008: Match winning forwarding – championship logistics

Behind a sporting mega event, such as the European Football Championship, there is a logistic mammoth program. The ITS management was there, when in 2008 that applied for venues in two countries, Switzerland and Austria. Not only was it necessary to get all of the equipment for 16 teams and their coaching staff to the right hotels and different training grounds as well as the dressing rooms of eight stadiums at the right time, but also balls, whistles, VIP-lounge-equipment and much more had to be distributed and  set up. Not to mention emergencies ­– like the timely replacement of the broken scoreboard for the finals..

EURO 2012: Tactical Challenge – Victory for all sides

After the Euro 2008 at home and in Austria we stayed on the ball for the Euro 2012 in Poland and the Ukraine. As the company entrusted by UEFA with transport and logistics we played the leading role away from the spotlight. The logistics for such a major event is much more than a passing mention of behind the scenes goings-on – they are a tremendous challenge coupled with an enormous responsibility. Every day of every week presented itself as a round-the-clock final. Because, it was on our daily meticulously planned work that the event’s very realisation depended.

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