Well-positioned for you - completely focused on your needs

ITS International Transport & Shipping Ltd. is a young and dynamic team of highly qualified forwarding and logistics specialists. Speed, flexibility, professionalism and responsibility - these are the qualities underpinning our work in all areas of our business for you. We focus on your needs and objectives.

Young and dedicated - skilled and experienced

Our 22 employees are highly qualified professionals. They have well-founded training in industry-specific areas such as warehouse logistics, freight forwarding, import/export, hazardous goods and customs declarations. In further education training courses at home and abroad, they constantly broaden their specialist knowledge and keep it up to date. Internationalism is our motto: we communicate in some twelve foreign languages. And we also advise our clients on cultural issues.

The satisfaction of performance - for your particular solution

As a member of selected networks, we provide our services worldwide using state-of-the-art information technologies.

Many roads lead around the world. We pave the way for you.


Massimo Bianco

CEO and Partner

«Just do it!»

Massimo Bianco knows no boundaries, only challenges. With his open, creative, humorous and bold manner, he makes every seemingly impossible project a reality. He has travelled all over the world and worked for several years in Argentina and Indonesia. He has been active in the transport industry for almost 30 years. Massimo Bianco speaks five foreign languages.

Javier Sánchez

CFO and Partner

«Solutions are often found where they are least expected.»

Javier Sanchez has a flair for innovative solutions. He leads his projects with a lot of charm and social competence, which is an asset for the communication with customers and the daily work in a team. Thanks to his 17 years of experience in the transport industry, he handles large orders with a great sense of responsibility and efficiency. Javier Sanchez speaks four foreign languages.

Patric Bund

Manager Project & Special Transports and Partner

«Straightforwardness and transparency bring the most efficiency»

Patric Bund works in a straightforward and goal-oriented manner. This can be seen above all in the rapid implementation of his projects - no matter how complex they are. He acts in a collegial and collaborative manner, which his customers and partners appreciate. Patric Bund has been in the transport industry for 25 years and speaks two foreign languages.

Fabrizio Cassai

Manager Oil & Food and Partner

«The strength lies in serenity.»

Fabrizio Cassai leads with patience and competence. With his composure and kindness, he ensures stability and safety in the individual tasks. He has a solution-oriented mind and keeps his projects always on course. Fabrizio Cassai has been working in the transport industry for 20 years and speaks four foreign languages.