Coronavirus: We pick up your vehicle anywhere in the world and bring it back to your homeland.

As a consequence of the rapid propagation of the new coronavirus, the governments of many countries are repatriating their citizens back home. Travelers around the world are forced to interrupt their travel plans and fly back to their homes and families.

For ten days now, ITS has been working relentlessly around the clock to organize the transport of the vehicles of these travelers. The current situation is not easy, transport routes are limited and not all means of transportation are available.

Massimo Bianco, CEO and primarily responsible for vehicle transport at ITS on the exceptional situation: " To which extent has the day-to-day work routine changed in the sector "vehicle transport"?  We have to bring back more vehicles, faster and simultaneously, and all this with overloaded transport routes. But mastering extraordinary situations is something we are used to. And even more so in crisis situations such as the current one; the travelers need to know that this is one thing they should not worry about. We are therefore currently available around the clock, 7 days a week, to give full support to customers who place their trust in us!”


You are travelling, have to break off your journey and don't know how your vehicle will get back to your home country?


Call us, we will take care of it for you!

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