Christmas at ITS – Together despite distancing

Everything is different this year - even our beloved Christmas season. At ITS, there's no anniversary outing, no Christmas party, no lively, collegial end-of-the-year review. And yet: especially in this year of physical distancing, our team has remained exceptionally united. For that, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

This year, full of optimism, we had planned an anniversary trip for our team. We had organized a fabulous wellness weekend with partners, we were looking forward to it, we hoped... and then unfortunately we had to cancel.  Our corporate Christmas party suffered the same fate. But there was one thing that 2020 could not take away from us: the greatest team in the world.  

At ITS, keeping a cool head and solving problems under pressure and remotely is part of everyday life - but no year has ever presented us with the kind of challenges and distances that 2020 has. It makes us proud and grateful that all our employees have performed at their best during these times. Each and every one of them has gone above and beyond. All the more reason for them to celebrate.

«We deeply regret that we cannot show our appreciation to our amazing team in the usual ITS tradition. This year, they all went the extra mile, and once again showed tremendous dedication. We are incredibly proud of our employees. Despite 2020, we would like to show them our immense gratitude as best we can.» - states with regret the ITS management.

Also, we may not be celebrating together, but we shall celebrate our team! As a small consolation, there will be a bottle of Prosecco, a Panettone and a “Millionen-los” so that everyone can raise a glass to the amazing effort. Under the ITS Christmas tree are piled high this year’s gifts from satisfied customers and suppliers - these are of course owed to our employees. It is rumored that Santa Claus has already prepared the numbered tickets for our gift lottery...

2020 – Goodbye! Hit the road and don’t you come back no more.

Our heartfelt thanks go to our team, and of course to our loyal customers. It is our pleasure to move the world with and for you.

Merry Christmas!