Project: Transport of a high-tech electric bus to Australia

ITS had to organize the transport of a new type of high-tech electric bus from Switzerland to Australia.

The impressive dimensions of the bus:

Weight: 25,690 kg
Length: 24.73 meter
Width: 2.74 meter
Height: 3.46 meter

Since, for safety reasons, the bus may only be moved forward, it was necessary to work closely with the shipping company to book an appropriate RORO vessel so that the bus could be turned around in the hold of the ship. In order to use the full width of the vessel, the hold had to be completely empty. Thanks to these special arrangements, when the ship arrives at destination, the customer will be able to drive forward out of the ship's hold, over the ramp, without any difficulty and further maneuvers.

As loading in Bremerhaven was carried out by the customer's own trained crew, coordinating the schedules between the fumigation shed (BMSB), the terminal and the shipping company was a major challenge. The entire transport process and the special coordination with all parties involved went however smoothly, the high-tech electric bus is on its way to Australia and his owner will soon take delivery of it.