Protective mask shortage: No planes, full cargo ships - a glimpse behind the curtains

Our neighboring countries reported the problem already weeks ago: "We have a protective facemask shortage!" Demand is constantly increasing, but in China production is stalled and deliveries are blocked at the border. The law stipulates that stockpiles must suffice for twelve weeks in the event of a pandemic wave. Hospitals need therefore to re-stock their supplies.

Based on observations in Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria, protective masks may also become scarce in Switzerland.

Trade has to struggle with the very difficult transport situation: harbours have no more capacity, almost all flights to Europe are cancelled, long delays, goods are blocked at the borders, to name a few.  

Thanks to our long-standing local contacts, we at ITS were able to lend a hand to a number of traders and quickly organize the transports. This entailed, among other things, to charter flights from China and coordinate with various authorities in order to quickly organize missing or new documents.

This requires work under high pressure - but it is also a matter of pride for us to keep on with it every day and ensure that these important transports arrive safely in Switzerland. Also, and especially, in such exceptional circumstances.

For such important transports ITS provides a round-the-clock service.

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