In the original sense of the word, the term “sustainable” refers to an “effect that lasts for a long time”. This is exactly what ITS aims to achieve with its sustainability measures: a lasting effect. Because GEODIS Freight Forwarding Switzerland AG acts TODAY for TOMORROW.

Therefore, for us, sustainability means making responsible decisions that take equally into account economic, technological, social, and ecological issues.


We assume responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Responsible corporate actions are in everyone's interest. With a responsible corporate policy, we conserve natural resources while also making a small contribution to the ongoing fight against climate change.

We strive to do the right thing in our day-to-day activities. For us, this means making environment-friendly decisions where we can have an impact. We want to act responsibly for society by treating all our customers, partners, and suppliers not only cost-effectively, but also fairly. This is why we provide support with humanity, foster long-term business relationships and ensure secure jobs in the region.

For us, this implies taking responsibility for:

  • our employees
  • our clients
  • our partners
  • the society
  • the future
  • the environment

throughout the entire supply chain.


Our employees are our most important “asset”.  Day in, day out, they make the difference for us. We do everything we can to create a pleasant working environment. We invest not only in infrastructure, digitalization, and communication, but also in measures to improve interpersonal relationships, for example by organizing joint excursions and team events several times a year. We provide assistance where and as we can and support our employees 100%.

In 2020, around 90% of the merchandise was shipped via Rhine freight. Wherever we can exert an influence, we do so by choosing the most environmentally friendly transport routes for our customers. We also support the important mission of environmental organizations.

We treat all people in our supply chain with respect and dignity. In emergency situations, we stand by everyone as much as possible and provide support even in extreme cases. Professionally, but also humanely. We never leave anyone in the lurch! Whether world travelers in distress or truck drivers involved in an accident, when people need us, we stand by their side not as contractors but as fellow human beings.

Every year, we support national and international aid organizations and make donations locally for the maintenance of sports clubs. With this, we wish to make our small contribution for a better future.

We want to develop further and expand our responsibility year by year. Our employees consistently contribute to improving the measures we implement.

We do not rest on our laurels; we keep on moving!