In your vicinity, throughout Switzerland, with plenty of space for your goods.

We offer storage locations all over Switzerland. One of them is certainly in your vicinity! Many locations are close to the border and are therefore particularly suitable for import deliveries of large loads for further detailed distribution in Switzerland. Of course, we have the status ACee/ACor (authorized consignee / authorized consignor).

With more than 80’000 square meters of storage space and over 50’000 pallet spaces, we store and manage a wide variety of goods – hazardous goods, heavy and long goods, pallets and small parts. We offer more than just space:

  • Automated and conventional warehouses
  • (High-) bay storage
  • Pallet and bulk goods warehouses
  • Picking bays
  • Lifting platforms
  • Railway connection
  • IT online
  • Open bonded warehouses
  • Refrigerated and hazardous goods storage
  • Contract logistics