Responsible edible oil transport

ITS International Transport & Shipping Ltd. transports around 20’000 tons of edible oil per year for Switzerland's largest oil importers.

They ship a wide variety of vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil or palm oil. ITS considers it important to ensure that the transported goods comply with the company's core values; this is the reason it transports, e.g. palm oil from certified plantations and collaborates with companies and organizations that attach importance to fair trade. Some of its customers provide direct development aid in economically and structurally weak countries. Fabrizio Cassai, co-owner and head of the oil and food transport division, emphasizes ITS' clear stance on fair trade. “We know our partners and customers personally and transport Fairtrade oils and palm oil exclusively from RSPO-certified plantations. RSPO is the globally recognized hallmark certifying that palm oil comes from a sustainable economy”.

Tested by professionals

Fabrizio Cassai and Massimo Bianco visited such plantations in Africa and Asia together with the customers in order to make sure, on site, that the certification requirements are indeed fulfilled. They visited schools, saw how the employees live and, most importantly, in which conditions they work. “I was surprised by the modernity of certain facilities and the organization of the plantations. Another important factor for us is that the goods come not only from large plantations, but also from small farms. The small farmers are therefore also included, and their subsistence ensured.”

Safety first

Oil transport is not entirely risk-free. The raw material is moved in hundreds of flexitanks and tank containers. Accidents can have far-reaching environmental consequences. ITS pays consequently particular attention to prevention so that such accidents are avoided as much as possible from the outset. To reduce the risk of oil spill accidents to a minimum, ITS relies exclusively on quality packaging for transport.

Personal commitment and great empathy

The ITS team sees its responsibility in the entire value chain, starting with the supply of raw materials and ending with the destination of the goods. That's why they control everything, from the origin of the products to the production and suppliers. But they also attach as much importance to the human side as to the economic aspect. They see themselves as a partner and have it at heart to act personally and straightforwardly. For example, after the accident of a truck transporting ITS goods, the ITS team took care of booking a hotel room near the hospital for the driver's wife. They also visited the driver at the hospital and handled all the administrative matters related to the accident. For Fabrizio Cassai, this behavior is "normal" and "goes without saying": «This driver was employed by another company, but he transported our goods. It is therefore only natural that we feel responsible when something happens. When a problem arises, we do our best to solve it and improve the situation. This clearly includes human aspects such as providing assistance to employees, drivers or customers affected by this problem."

Experience makes a difference

In addition to edible oils, ITS also transports other foodstuffs such as cheese, chocolate, milk powder or coconut milk. After more than 20 years of experience in the sector, Fabrizio Cassai knows first-hand the risks involved in packaging, the legal parameters or the regulatory challenges in the various countries associated with this very lively sector of transport. It is obvious to him that, with his expertise, he would provide a 24/7 support to his customers faithful to the ITS motto: flexible - efficient - innovative and always personal.


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