Vehicle transport - Always with you: Carefree around the world with ITS

"The Swiss are allegedly the leaders in Europe when it comes to career breaks. 30 percent of the employees are said to have already completed a sabbatical. According to surveys, more than 70 percent would like to do one." (NZZ)


“Digital Detox”, “Mindfulness”, time for yourself; more and more people today want to take a break and travel around the world. In addition to snow ploughs, aircraft tractors and industrial machines, ITS International Transport & Shipping Ltd. also transports the private vehicles of globe-trotters.

When a traveller around the world asked ITS ten years ago whether they would transport his vehicle, the CEO, Massimo Bianco, a former globe-trotter himself, said “yes” for fun. And organized the transport of this customer’s vehicle after working hours. Today, private vehicle transport is one of ITS's special services. And the fun is still there.

In the meantime, the Swiss transport company has positioned itself globally in this niche business and assists travellers in every situation around the world. As a seasoned traveller himself (he has travelled around the world for three years and has worked for a long time in Asia and South America), Massimo Bianco brings with him the necessary insider knowledge. The customers are thus looked after with a great deal of expertise, but also with sensitivity and enthusiasm.

ITS keeps the overview: Which countries require import licenses, how to get the vehicle out of the port in a short time, which country-specific formalities need to be completed. This allows the traveller not to worry about these annoying, time- and money-consuming activities.

After ten years, Massimo Bianco can tell countless anecdotes about what globe-trotters have experienced and the many beautiful relationships he has built over that time. Just one example:

“Years ago, we accompanied a family of eight on a trip around the world, they called themselves Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In Namibia, their car was broken into - everything was gone, including the Lillifee decoration for the fifth birthday of the youngest “dwarf”. Such articles are nowhere to be found in Namibia. We assisted the family with the harbour authorities, but we also bought Lillifee party articles on the same day and sent them to the family. The Lillifee birthday was a complete success after all. These are the small gestures that change everything...


A selection of statements from travellers:

“Everything went so smoothly and simply! I am more than happy that I was able to have this experience with such competent and helpful people!” Andi (South Africa)

“The whole shipment worked perfectly from A-Z. Great organization, great communication and only the best and friendliest employees of your partner companies at the other end of the world! Really a great success!” Sämi (Switzerland)

“I want to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to all of the team who have been involved with our ITS shipping experience. Your professionalism, constant concern and care for your customers, rapid response to any issues or problems, your proactivity, and your personal interest and generosity all sets you apart. Shipping is always a stressful experience for an Overlander, and your service and personal attention at all times has been the stuff of legend.” Paul und Helen (UK)

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