Gold medal for vehicle transport

«By virtue of my function as an Austrian, I hereby appoint Massimo Bianco as Transport Council of the Republic of Austria» Just over a year ago, Harald Wittek could not have imagined saying these words one day. Back then, he and a handful of friends just had a dream: to ride through South America on their motorbikes.

The definite implementation of a definite idea

«We absolutely wanted to cross South America on our hotrods. In Austria however, we encountered many hurdles and roadblocks during the preparation of the trip, until we finally found the extravagant Italo-Swiss Massimo. He “claimed” having experience with this kind of enterprise. The deal was done and we decided to go ahead with the trip. »

Stroke of fate

Over the next four months Harald and his five friends crossed the continent from Uruguay to Colombia and enjoyed the warm South American hospitality. Then a stroke of fate interrupted the journey:  one of the friends had to break off the tour in Peru.

On the outward journey, ITS had already shipped the motorcycles from Austria to South America on schedule and without any problems.  

When suddenly the friend had to return untimely to Austria for health reasons carrying only a minimum of hand luggage, ITS organized swiftly the entire return transport. Easy, flexible and smooth.

«Thanks to ITS we really didn’t have to worry about the motorcycles at all. Massimo simply took care of everything: the motorcycle and all the luggage of our friend were shipped from Lima to Austria, our friend arrived safely home. Our motorcycles were then shipped back from Cartagena as planned and also arrived sound and safe back in Austria.

Venerable Austrian tradition

"Title without means," - Harald explained to ITS - "this is an Austrian tradition that goes back to the days of the Emperor. Titles were awarded as a sign of recognition and gratitude without any financial consequence. “Commercial Councilor", "Court Councilor" and "Medical Councilor", these are some of the titles known in Austria.

«By virtue of my function as an Austrian, I hereby appoint Massimo Bianco as Transport Council of the Republic of Austria», declared Harald in accordance with this tradition.

World Champion in Vehicle Forwarding 2019

For the deed, he even went in search of an edelweiss flower. He found it in Lower Austria on the Raxalpe. In full compliance with the law (according to NÖ LGBI. 5500-3, § 5 Annex 1), he picked an edelweiss there and pressed it into a medal - as a sign of gratitude for the support of ITS during their South American trip.

«I travel with each one of my clients and experience their adventures with them. And if they have problems, I feel responsible. We see it as our duty to provide assistance to our customers wherever we can until they and their vehicles return back home. Such gifts and words of appreciation make us all the happier - precisely this joy and gratitude motivate us to always give our best".

Massimo Bianco, CEO ITS International Transport and Shipping Ltd.